Artist Playground

Artist Playground


The Artist Playground by Pullman promises fresh experiences every time you visit. This dedicated art corner in the heart of our lobby immerses you into vibrant culture, art, design and photography scenes− in the most unexpected of ways.

I N S P I R I N G  M I N D S  T H R O U G H  A R T

Pullman is a powerhouse of productivity, created for curiosity, built for betterment, dedicated to self-improvement.

Here, we’re free from limits, unleashing potential, sparking creativity and inspiring minds through art – the touchpaper that ignites innovation, the trigger that sparks creativity, the flame that lights the way to success.

Art at Pullman is an adventure we all share. It connects us, electrifies the atmosphere, reframes our world, energizes our souls.

Choose Pullman not just as a place to stay, but as a place to grow.

A R T  T H A T  U N L O C K S  P O T E N T I A L 

Immersive, emotional and experiential.

We are never just somewhere to stay. We are somewhere to remember.


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